Jelle Annie Michiels

1981, Dendermonde

Master in de ruimtelijke kunsten Sint Lucas A'pen, 2006

geaggregeerde voor secundair onderwijs, groep 2: 2008

professionele bachelor secundair onderwijs PO/Engels: 2012

teacher of art, art history and English: 2008- present

BRANDWERK, Mechelen own studio space: 2020-present

ignore the mess: started company for art lessons: 2020-present

recent exhibitions

November 2020: Selection Different Strokes, FAC: Collaboration with Lieven Henderickx

December 2020: Selection work for beeld estafette: BEELD/KUNSTWERKT

December 2020- February 2021 of lockdown 2: Prohibition/exhibition, Barzé, Korenmarkt Mechelen

February 2021 Kunst Cahiers, special sketchbook edition of the Art couch

Upcoming Exhibition May 2021, Different strokes, FAC

my work

Through my sketchbook I document and structure the never-ending flow of words and images in my head. It is a type of therapy.


In a second phase I connect words to images through sketches. Afterwards, I translate these drawings and ideas into sculptures.


Through my work I try to resolve my inner conflicts, release my frustrations, clear the chaos in my mind and explore new dreams.


I want to be heard in a world that is afraid to listen.


The lighthouse is a key feature in my work at the moment. The lighthouse is a beacon of light, a rock to cling to, a safe haven, a means to share my message, a guide in my travels.


My work is about who I am. It is about what I went through, recognizing my past and healing for the future. It is also a message to the audience. It is an invitation to share who you are, what you feel, regardless of reactions.


Through my work I hope to inspire others to speak up as well.